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Opening KMZ Files into Google SketchUp

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Today a user inquired about opening a Google Earth KMZ file exported from RockPlot3D (containing borehole logs and an isosurface) into the Google SketchUp program. Our KMZ exports were designed for Google Earth, but we were interested in seeing how SketchUp would behave.

We tried simply importing the KMZ file into SketchUp (File / Import / KMZ), but it seemed to bring in only one of the Collada (.DAE) files consisting of the 3D elements. In her example, it happened to be a piece of a 3D log cylinder.

Instead, we found that we needed to unzip the KMZ file into its component files and folders (being sure to maintain the relative folder structure for link purposes), and then import the .DAE files individually into SketchUp. These .DAE files are stored in the KMZ "Models" folder.

Despite having a "texture" file defined, the objects still seem to display as wireframe in SketchUp. (They display as filled in Google Earth.)

If anyone else has experience with Google Sketchup we'd like to know more.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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