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Didger 4 export question?

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I am interested in purchasing Didger 4, but I wanted to know if it is possible to export the geo-referenced images into CAD? We need to have the capability to calibrate an aerial image in Didger and import it directly into CAD in the correct state plane coordinates.

Thanks for the info.

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Hi JosephECM,

The AutoCAD DXF format does not support raster / bitmap images, but you can use the AutoCAD Insert | Raster Reference File command to add an image in AutoCAD if you know the XY minimum and scale.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Hi Tom,

So correct me if I'm wrong but when you go through the steps to calibrate an image in Didger 4 it is scaling/ warping the image based on known survey points. Then once you have the image calibrated you can grab the xy min from the corners of the image and drop that raster image reference into CAD exactly where it should be placed in state plane space?

If Didger cannot perform this function then it is useless to us.

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