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Quicksurf 2011 Dredging Calculation Problems

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I was hoping someone could assist me with a conflict I'm running into with dredging calculations using Quicksurf 2011. The main issue I'm having is when I run the Area Volume command the surface "cut" is only being taking from border of the polyline I create, not the entire area it includes. The existing surface from the hydro survey I'm using is created correctly. It's just when I create a boundary with a certain elevation, the depth is only recognized on the line itself, not within the entire area.

Anyone run into the same issue or have any suggestions?


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Hi RTE618,

A recent revamp of the forums unearthed your old message. Apologies for the delayed response!

The Area Volume command is designed to calculate the volume under one of more sub-areas of a surface. The sub-area is defined by selecting a closed polyline. It is possible that your polyline has a break in it that causes a smaller area to be selected. You are welcome to send me your files if the issue is still relevant and I will take a look.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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