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Water volume within an aquifer

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Hello everybody,

For the resource estimation of a brine deposit i have to calculate the brine volume within an Aquifer. And also the brine volume with a certain chemical compositions (e.g. Volume of the Brine with Potassium between 1.8 to 5 g/l). So I have two constrains: 1. Distribution of the porosity with in the aquifer and 2. the distribution of e.g. Potassium.

I made a solid model according to the chemical composition. So that I can calculate the Volume of an “ore body” with Potassium between 1.8 to 5 g/l. But the problem is that the brine occurs only in the pore space of the ore body. That means if the porosity would be the same e.g. 10% I could take the volume of the ore body and multiplied it with 0.1. But the porosity with in the ore bodie is different.

I was thinking to make another solid model in accordance to the porosity distribution and the use the function “Math” Model&Model. But then this will only change the G-Value and not the Volume.

Is there any possibility to multiply the volume of a solid model with different G-Values with an other solid model?

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


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Dear Benjamin,

You can multiply two solid models together through the Solid --> Math --> Model and Model math tool in the RockWorks Utilities. It sounds to me like you are on the right track. You are welcome to respond with additional questions.

Best Regards,


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