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Editable lithology cross sections?

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Are there any extensions/ tools that I can use to easily edit cross sections for final publishing in reports? I have found the export to CADD/ editing to be very cumbersome, and time consuming. If I could easily add elements to these cross sections within rockworks14 and simply output it to a PDF it would be much more efficient. I have tried using report works with minimal success. The main thing we need to be able to show are hand interpretations of sub surface plumes, and other subsurface fine grained confining units, etc.


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Hi Joseph,

If the drawing tools in RockPlot2D (in the Draw menu) are not adequate for your annotation/editing needs, you might try exporting to a raster image (e.g. File | Export | PNG), then using a dedicated graphic program (I use PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro) to make the raster or vector annotations you want for publishing. I typically use the default 96 DPI for the raster export from RockPlot2D but set the size of the image at least 4x the default size; this allows high resolution with nice fine lines and text in the output. Once you've made your editing changes in your paint program, you can print to PDF from there.

If you have more questions specific to your diagram, feel free to email it to us at our tech box (support at rockware.com)

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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