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RW3D PNG export via RCL?

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I would like to make a video similar to the one below (Air Temperatures by Elevation RW video).

I assume I need to export individual images, choosing different layers each time. Can I make an RCL script, choosing the exact layers and exporting them to the appropriate PNG files?

Thanks in advance!

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This was actually created with the next release of RockWorks which will include a large number of GoogleEarth tools. We hope to have a beta version of the GoogleEarth tools available fairly soon.

In RockWorks15 you could extract the layers from a model as grids, plot the maps in RockPlot2D and export them as separate KMZ files to GoogleEarth. This could all be done with an RCL but then uou'd then need to automate the display of the layers within GE.

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