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Is there a way to copy a station in HGA with all the corresponding data?

I created some stations manually in HydroGeo Analyst and as there are more stations with nearly the same details I would like to duplicate them and do some minor changes afterwards. I am able to duplicate rows in the station data but not a whole station.

Thanks in advance!

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SWS Tech Support has asked us to post the following response:

Yes there is a way to do it. Best way would be able to create a query and place all the fields you like to copy over under "display flelds" and the conditions by which you wish to select the station under "conditions". Once the query is created you may simply export it to a .csv file and make changes to the station name (if you wish to avoid overwriting the previous data) and import that same file. This should enable you to "duplicate" any station information you wish. Hope this helps.

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