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Depth / Elevation Units

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Just wondering if LogPlot can display well data in units other than cm and inches. I would like the well to be displayed in meters. Thanks!

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Hi kkelso22,

If you are referring to the Scale settings in the compile window, you can only choose from Depth Units per Inch or Depth Units per Centimeter to establish the vertical scale of the log. If your depth units represent meters, for example, you set the Scale to 5, and you choose Depth Units per Centimeter, then the resulting log will be generated so that 5 meters of data are plotted along one centimeter of the vertical log.

If you are referring to the Scalebar settings in the log design window, the units there will simply correspond to your downhole units. For example, if your depth units represent meters and you set your Major Tick Mark increment (which will also be the label increment) to 10, then you'll get a depth label every 10 meters down the log.

If you are referring to something entirely different, please let me know.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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