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LogPlot Logs in Cross Section (in AutoCAD?)

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A customer recently asked the easiest way to display LogPlot logs in cross section, via AutoCAD or other means.

1. The easiest method is via RockWorks - import your LogPlot data files right into a RockWorks project and create hole to hole or projected cross sections there, with logs, interpolated panels, etc. (Create maps, surface models, solid models, compute volumes, and more.)

2. Another option is to export your LogPlot logs to a raster format (JPG, PNG) and insert that into a CAD drawing. If necessary you can generate a simpler version of your log design for the purposes of display in a cross section. (The Log | Compile a Batch option is handy for compiling multiple data files into multiple designs.) (Below: LogPlot log, JPG in CAD Viewer)

post-3-051763900 1314140728_thumb.jpg post-3-058807900 1314140751_thumb.jpg

3. A program named "ReportWorks" is installed with LogPlot and can be used to generate page layouts of exported LogPlot logs (JPG, PNG, etc), logos, maps, text, etc. Many users use this simple tool for simple cross sections.

post-3-070247500 1314140992_thumb.jpg

4. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can "print" your LogPlot logs to PDF, then use other software to create DXF output from these. For example, Canvas opens PDF files (they look great) and re-saves as DXF (they look ok, not great, when opened in CAD). (Below: LogPlot, PDF, DXF in CADViewer.) If you don't already own a program which will print PDF, or which will read PDF and generate DXF, there may be some free options on the web. This DXF route may result in problems with text rotation, pattern colors, etc. (Below: LogPlot log, PDF log, DXF in CAD Viewer)

post-3-051763900 1314140728_thumb.jpg post-3-037511500 1314141025_thumb.jpg post-3-088068800 1314141039_thumb.jpg

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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