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LogPlot 7 - Continuous Printers - Update

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Here is the latest information on continuous or banner printers for LogPlot 7 from Molly.

The old workhorse is the
Epson Stylus 1520
- this model isso old that I think it may be difficult to locate and it may be incompatiblewith newer operating systems. Another model, the
Epson Stylus 3000
, wasalso good. While it has also been discontinued, we have one client whohas found them on EBay. I don't believe these are supported with driverspast Windows XP; you can check on the Epson website.

The key for LogPlot with any banner printer is for theprinter's driver software to correctly set the full page length (e.g. the full11" of an 8.5 x 11" fanfold sheet) as the
printable length
. LogPlot relies on the printer driver to set this full printable length so thatit knows how to build the log "pages" which are chained togethercontinuously without any top/bottom margins.

NOTE that
we have not tested any of the followingto confirm that they will print continuously
(nor how well they'lldo it), but their specs suggest that they might. I've also listed myinstallation notes and concerns. I DO NOT recommend that you purchase oneof these printers for continuous logs without first consulting with amanufacturer's rep. My tests were done using Windows 7 drivers; you mayhave different results in XP.

Epson 4880

Supports borderless printing and roll feed paper up to132'.

List $1995

Web: ~$1500

Molly's note: I was able to install the printer driverfrom Epson and establish Roll (Banner) paper at a custom 12.5" lengths(for 2x 6.25 fanfold sheets), or standard 11", borderless. LogPlotwas able to understand the printable length at the full 12.5" (or11") which may indicate that this will work. I don't know themaximum length this printer supports.

HP DesignJet 111

The specs indicate this printer supports borderlessprinting. I went on Instant Chat with an HP rep, and he said that themaximum print length is 50'.


Molly's note: I installed the printer driver from HP,established Roll paper at a custom size of 12.5" length. I selected RemoveMargins between Pages in their Finishing tab. These driver settings are
being passed to LogPlot - the printable length in LP is not showing the full12.5". My searches on the web do not indicate why the Remove Marginssetting is not sending the borderless information to LogPlot. Standard11" sheets did not deliver a full 11" printable length, either.

HP DesignJet 510 Series

The specs indicate this printer supports borderlessprinting. The HP rep on Instant Chat said that the max print length is150'.


Molly's note: Same as for the DJ111, above - the printerdriver is
sending the full 12.5" (or 11") printable pageto LP.


They've had banner printers in the past. Today'sonline chat with their sales representative resulted in the suggestion of theLexmark Pinnacle Pro901. However my tests showed that the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro900 series is not available with banner printing. They do have avariety of forms printers for both narrow and wide paper, but they print inblack only. The tech person suggested the
Lexmark Forms Printer 2591
fordot-matrix printing, banner feed, wide forms, black ink. Might be worth alook:

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We've recently spoken with some LogPlot users with the following printers. Listing these printer models here is not an endorsement of these devices, nor an assurance that they will print continuous logs in a banner fashion. I'm posting these as suggestions of printers to consider. Feedback is welcome!!

> Canon IPF9000 Large Format Inkjet (plotter size)

> HP Designjet 90R: supports roll paper

> Epson Stylus Pro 4880: should support roll media

> Epson Stylus Photo 825: should support roll media

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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Do you know of any more continuous printers that you can update this topic with? I had an Epson Stylus 3000 that died a couple years ago and now my HP DesignjJet 500 is having issues.

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Hi Rocky,

We are currently looking at the Imaging Systems printers and the Neuralog printers. With support for continuous fan-fold paper, these printers are good choices for printing logs from LogPlot. The settings in the printer drivers are compatible with LogPlot.

Imaging Systems Printers - iTerra Lite Color


Neuralog Printers - 300x Color



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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