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Varying time of models

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I am trying to model the mixing of a mine water and recharge water using React in GWB 7 Standard Edition. I changed the time of reaction to 2 years (attached file named "AMD and 5 inches recharge 24 months) for the first model run and 2.5 years ("AMD and 5 inches Recharge 30 months") for the second model run. For some reason, I'm getting the exact same numbers even though I varied the time. I even tried changing the time period to 100 years to see if the numbers changed, but they still stayed the same. Do you know why this is occurring? Thanks!

AMD and 5 inches Recharge 24 months.rea

AMD and 5 inches Recharge 30 months.rea

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The time function in React is primarily used for kinetic mineral dissolution and precipitation. Without specifying a kinetic mineral rate law, it doesn't matter what time length you specify, you'll always get the same reaction results.

Hope that helps,

Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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