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I'm working on plotting a few cross sections and am finding the most expeditious way

for me to do this is to print the sections to pdf and sending those to the plotter.

However, after installing Acrobat 9 Pro I can print a single section to pdf, then when

I try to print the next section, I trigger an error from Acrobat saying it can't find certain

document fonts or job resources.

Has anybody seen this behavior and is there something I can do to correct it?


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Ok I was able to tease a few more PDFs out of Adobe. This morning however I can't seem to get RW15 to print to Adobe at all.

I've been going through the print setup and configuring the Adobe Printer, setting up the appropriate dimensions, and requiring a prompt for

file name, but when I go to print, I'm not prompted for a file name but RW seems to go through some printing motions (I get progress screens

as sheets "print") but no PDF is produced.

Is there a setting I haven't adjusted?

This is driving me nuts.

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