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plotting static water levels

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I'm putting together some cross sections and need to be able to compare changine static water levels for analysis. However, I'm experiencing some difficulty in getting my water surface to plot on the cross section. I've gone through the 2D Striplog Designer and everything seems to be in order; I've modeled the water level as a single surface, with the distance to the top of the surface the same as the distance to base. Ultimately, I get no level and no symbology showing up on the plot. Any ideas?

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Hi Joe,

Assuming you have the date filters set up for the correct date or date range, then I think the problem is the depth-to-top = depth-to-base in the Water Levels table. If you set the aquifer to even 0.1 foot thickness, the symbol should be plotted.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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