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p-text import affected by excel record sort order

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I've been importing p-text data from an Excel 2007 Spreadsheet into RW 15 v 2011.6.15 (on a Windows Vista machine) and am finding that unless I pre-sort the spreadsheet records by Borehole, RW does not import all records. For example, if the spreadsheet has three data records for BH-1 at three different depths but they are separated by other borehole records, only one (seems to be the last) BH-1 p-text data point is imported.

Is this expected behavior for P-Text data import?



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Hi Lara,

Yes, the data must be sorted first by borehole, then by type, then by depth for the I-Data, P-Data, T-Data, I-Text, or P-Text data to import properly from Excel.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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