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Quicksurfs disappearing ribbon tab

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Currently running latest build of qs 2010.

When in a workspace and quicksurfload.lsp is loaded (either in startup suite or manually) the quicksurf tab appears and works properly. If I change to another workspace it disappears. If I change back to the first workspace it does not come back. my only option is to reload the quicksurfload.lsp.

How can I make the quicksurf tab persistent?

I would like to reconfigure my ribbons including rearranging some qs buttons and using some qs buttons on other ribbon tabs but I cannot seem to access the panels via the cui editor. When I load the quicksurfmenu.cuix or the qs6.cuix it does not show any ribbon tabs or panels.

How do I get access to the panels?

Can I customize the quicksurf tab?


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Hi Joel,

Currently, the QuickSurf ribbon is tied to the workspace and must be loaded each time the workspace changes.

I cannot find a way to customize the QuickSurf ribbon or make it persistent in different workspaces.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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