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Petrasim layers creation

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I've organized all the layers data into xyz files. I go through the layer dialogue to create each successive layer. After, I have nothing that will display except the flat 2D bottom of the model. I try region, layer, grid visibility toggles but there's nothing. If I create a mesh I do then see the model and can see that the top layer is not planar but defined by my xyz file. However, each layer (select all from the layer in tree view) is the entire size of the model. There are still no discrete layers. Interestingly, the mesh shows the Z divisions from the layers dialogue. What's happened to my layers?

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Ian was able to resolve this problem, although we still have not determined what caused it in the first place. If anyone else runs in to strange behavoir using the layers in PetraSim, please feel free to contact me with additional information at [email protected]



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