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set custom min/max values in continuous color scheme

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I would like to visualize a series of separate p-data cross sections from the same site using the same color scheme - a min to max 2-color continuous ramp.

How do I set/save/export the min and max values for such color ramps so that I can apply the exact same color scheme to all the cross sections (determined by the site wide min/max values) rather than have each cross section represented by slightly differing ramps driven by the various min/max values associated with each particular cross section?



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Hi Lara,

You're right - the automatic coloration can depend on the range of values for the particular diagram. To make consistent colors for all of the diagrams, you need to create a custom color table with the continuous color range. Here's how:

1. First, determine the min-max range of the solid model (MOD) you are representing in your section panels, to determine the value range and get an idea of how you want to set up the color table. You can do this by right-clicking on the MOD file name in the project manager and choosing View Solid Model Statistics. Look for the Minimum Node Value and Maximum Node Value listings in the report. These node values represent what we call "G" values. (There are a lot of other ways, too, but this is easiest.)

2. Under the Misc. Project Tables heading in the project manager, right-click on Color Fill Table and choose Add a Color Fill Table.

3. Enter a name for the table, such as P-Data Sections.

4. Though you can manually enter the G value min-max-colors, if you want a continuous flow, it's easier to click the Palette button. (Note - one of the other benefits of these color tables is to create important color groupings - if important details don't show up with continuous, gradational schemes, try standard deviation groupings, etc.)

5. In the Palette window, enter the min G value, max G value and color increments. The more increments you define the smoother the coloration, but the busier the legend.

6. Pick the min and max colors for the gradation.

7. Click OK. You'll be returned to the table listing, with the G ranges and the colors defined.

8. Close the Color Fill Table.

9. When you create your P-Data | Profile or Section, be sure that you define this color table (e.g. P-Data Sections) under the Colored Intervals | Color Scheme dialog.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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