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Is it possible to automate printing in a RCL file? I want to print a sequence of rk6 drawings, with a vertical exaggeration, and best fit to pdf files.

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Hi Mark,

The printing process from RockPlot2D is not scriptable.

One possibility would be to batch a bunch of exports (e.g. PNG), and then manually insert them into a large document (e.g. Word) and print to PDF from there.

There is also a "montage" tool in the Grafix / 2D Utilities menu which reads a listing of RK6 file names and min/max coordinates from the Utilities datasheet and rescales/combines the images into a single RK6 document, which you could then print to PDF. This could work nicely to create a large layout of all of the diagrams.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare, Inc.

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