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Adjusting Graphics in RockWorks 15

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I am having trouble getting my finished product to look presentable. When I use the striplog function my out put is extremely small and my fonts are extremely large. I have no trouble adjusting fonts but adjusting the actual lithology log is when the problem occurs. I have attached an example. My patterns don't show up and the log looks nothing like the ones presented in the help section.

In the example I have attached, everything appears jumbled. I would just like a neat representation.

PS - I am a beginner with the software and have had no formal training

post-10109-026131700 1305653859_thumb.jpg

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Hi gneisschert_24,

The sizing of RockWorks diagram components is defined as a percent of the size of your project. So, the first thing to check is that your Project Dimensions are correctly defined.

You can change the size of the individual items in the section diagram by adjusting the size or font size in all of the diagram options. If you want the text in the title to be 1/3 as big, for example, you would change the Perimeter Annotation Options, Title Size to a value 1/3 the current setting.

However, since the current settings seem so out of whack, feel free to send me your data. Just use the Project | Archive Database to ASCII menu command and email me the resulting ZIP file. I can send suggestions directly to you via email.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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