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Save Aquifer Model as Solid Model (.mod)?

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Hello everybody,

I have the follwing problems:

1.) I have to calculate the (in-situ) birne reservs of a sub surface salt lake. I have the groundwaterlevel from boreholes so i can use the Aquifer Model to get a volumen.

But now i would like to blend it with the concession area of a company. For a Solid Model it would work with the option: SOLID-FILTE-POLYGON CLIP.

Is there a posibility to do the same with an Aquifer Model?

2.) A little bit more complicated to explane: So now I have the aquifer and within this aquifer i have chemical analyses from different depth (similar to core samples from rocks)

I used the P-Data option to save this analyses. Now i can use the P-data Model to calculate e.g. the volume of Li with different conzentrations.

So but now i would again like to calculate just the volume within the concession area and the aquifer (after belnding with the concession area). For that i think i could use the Upper Surface Filter, Lower Surface Filter and Polygon Filter at the Solid modeling options. But i would need the Upper Surface and the Lower Surface from my Aquifer after blending/clip with the concession area.

Is this possible?

I have attached a screenshot to explain my problem.

Thank you (I hop you could understand my questions)


post-10083-023731600 1305286955_thumb.jpg

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Hi Benni,

1. To clip the aquifer surfaces with a polygon, use the Utilities Grid | Filter | Polygon Clip menu command.

  • Choose the isopach grid as the Input (Grid) Model, e.g. Aquifer 1_11_18_2007_isopach.grd.
  • Specify a new Output (Grid) Model name, e.g. Aquifer 1_11_18_2007_isopach.grd.
  • Specify the Polygon Vertex Table to use for clipping.
  • Select the Filter Type as Exterior and set the New Exterior Value to 0.
  • Add a check mark to the Create Grid Statistics Report option to display the volume.


Menu settings for clipping the aquifer isopach GRD and displaying the volume.

2. Create the P-Data solid model constrained by the Top and Bottom of the full aquifer surface, then clip the solid model with the polygon with the Utilities Solid | Filter | Polygon Clip menu command.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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