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Software to post process 3d results

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Hello, I'm surfing the internet to look for a software to post process the 3d results (Tough2 files) obtained with Petrasim.

I didn't find any software useful to obtain "pictures" like the one attached.

Does someone know a software to obtain a post process image like that?

Thanks for helping

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I think that many people use TecPlot to create digrams such as this. If you can figure out a way to extract a 2D slice of your data, then Surfer also might be an option.

You also might want to consider the RockWorks program for plotting 3D data, although because RockWorks requires evenly spaced model cells (in each direction), you'll probably have to do some reinterpolation of your data before you can actually create diagrams.

You are welcome to contact me with additional questions. You can find information about Surfer and RockWorks on our website: http://www.rockware.com.

Best Regards,


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