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Integrating Design into stratigraphic model

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Dear all,

I am new to RockWorks and am not very skilled with it yet. It is because of this that I post my question here, hoping that one of the more skilled members of these forums can help.

The problem I am having is as follows:

For a marine construction project, I am trying to calculate the volume of several stratigraphic units that are located within the bounds of a specific design (so I know what volume of each unit has to be removed). I have already entered the stratigraphic data (as boreholes) and constructed a (box-shaped, regional) stratigraphic model constrained (at the top) by the local bathymetry. From this point on however I have no clue what to do next.

My next step should probably be to intersect the design (available in grid-form) with the stratigraphic model so that only the volume contained within the model remains. However, I have as of yet not found a tool that seems to be able to do this.

Could someone who knows how to do this please inform me?

Thank you in advance!



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Hi John,

what you want to do is create a Polygon Table for your design. This polygon then be used to filter both models and grid surfaces. If you have the coordinates you enter them directly in a new table from the Project Manager/Misc. Project Tables/Polygon Table. You can also draw the polygon in RockPlot2D and add that polygon as a table by selcting, right clicking and selecting Save To Polygon Table from the popup menu.

Once you have your polygon you'll find the filters on the Utilities menu under Grid or Solid/Filters/Polygon Clip. For volumetrics you can replace the values outside with either a NULL or 0.

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If your "design" grid represents the base of the material that needs to be removed, then you can also use the "Contrain model based on ground surface" option when creating your stratigraphy model. If you choose to "truncate units below surface", then the resulting model should be composed of only material above that surface. There are some pretty good graphic examples of this in the Help files.

One thing to note (also mentioned in our help files) is that the design grid should have the exact same dimensions and spacing as your stratigraphy grids. You may need to resample you design grid before you do this.

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