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Importing DEM to RW15

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Hi everyone:

I've just upgraded to RW15 and am trying to import a digital elevation model to use as surface datum for the project.

I'm trying to upload the DEM from the State of Michigan Center for Geographic Information and the format available

for the model is GRID.

When I download that particular model, I receive a set of folders and do not know which to use for import into RW15

when prompted.

Any ideas? I'm sure this issue must have a simple solution!



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Hi Joe,

Check the extension of your files to see if the extensions match any of the ones listed below. RockWorks15 supports the following gridded formats:


If your files are not in this format, they will need conversion before RockWorks can import them.

Conversion programs include Global Mapper and Surfer, depending on your file format and extension.

If you have further questions, please let us know.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to add a surface to my project by using a digital elevation model. The file extension attached to the digital elevation model I've acquired from MiGDL is .adf.

RW15 doesn't seem to recognize this format. Will Surfer be able to convert the data into something I can use?

If not, is there any transformation available for this file, or will I need to find another dem?


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