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Transparency Issues

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I notice that when draping or floating a graphic (tiff) over my 3d model that I have to choose a color. Since the idea behind transparency is to see what is behind, or below as this case may be, how can I set the transparency color to equal null.

The problem is that when you set your transparency to the lower values it leaves a white square over my model. Is there a way to get around this so I can reference my aerial photo my underlying model?

Any ideas would be great, thanks-


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Hi Joe K,

The Set Transparent Color option lets you set a single color to transparent. If the white square is part of the map color, you can set the white color to transparent using the Set Transparent Color menu setting.

Another method is to create the plot without a transparent color, then double-click on the object in RockPlot/3D and set the Opacity percent.



You are welcome to send me your image and I will take a look.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Thank you Tom for the speedy response. As it turns out, the problem is not in the draped (or floating) image it is actually a property of the solid model. Specifically, I had the filter enabled which for what ever reason places a layer (color of the background) right below the floating/draped image. by disabling that filter, I was able to get a good transparency for my model. Since it is a lithology model, this will only become an issue if I am looking to show only types of lithology.

Thanks again Tom


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