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Hi everyone, I'm a new Petrasim user. I'm a geology student and I'm going to use the software for my training at University (Pisa, Italy).

I am actually ill at home, so I have started using the 30 days trial version (at university I will be followed by a tutor and I will use the licenced version). I read all the user manual and the examples, and I have encountered some difficulties during the simulation of the examples (convergence problems, for example in the five spot geothermal).

I have some questions:

1) there is a "default" material in the software: which common rock is the "default material" similar to?

2) Where can I find the properties (density, porosity, permeability, wet conductivity, specific heat) of the most common rocks (i.e. shale, pomice, granite, limestone, sandstone, chert) to use in my very first tries with the software?

3) I am not an engineer, and I was searching for a relationship between enthalpy and temperature (i.e. in the well's properties, I have to enter a value for enthalpy in the injection tab). So i.e. 20° C correspond to an enthalpy of?

4) How is porosity defined in the software?

5) solution controls: which value can I use to define the end of my first similations? which is a good time step?

6) where can I find a free/open source software to write xyz files?

Thank you for helping


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