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Importing 2D subsoil models

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I have been asked to find out whether it is possible to import 2D subsoil models into rockworks and then use the programme to extrapolate between these models to create a 3D solid model?

Our clients will often have soil profiles which have already been created - if we could then import these into rockworks and extrapolate between them it would be very useful!

Thank you!

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Yes, we offer a number of import options for converting grid files created in other programs (eg. Surfer, ArcGIS) to RockWorks GRD files. You can find these by going to Grid --> Import.

Once you've done this, you can use the Grids -> Solid Model tool under the Grids menu in the Utilities to create a solid model composed of numbers that represent stratigrahic unit.

One warning - you'll probably need to resample the grids created outside of RockWorks so that they have the same extents and xy spacing as those specified in the Project Dimensions. You can do this through the Grid --> Math --> Resample tool.

Feel free to contact us with additional questions.



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