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What is G-Value

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Hi, I'm new user for rockwork 14.

I'm don't understand about G-Value in lithology table, what is this value.

I can input various of number on this table, but what is the meaning of number.

It is important when I want to generate the lithology model, profile, section etc.

thank you. (sorry in my English)

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From the help file:

G-Value: This field is used to define the numeric value to be used to represent the rock type in interpolated lithology models. Why? The models can't store words like "sand" or "limestone", but they can store numbers like "2" or "3.5".

Click in the G-Value column for the rock type you're modifying.

Type in a G-value for that rock type.

Typically, the G value will be an integer value, such as "1" or "2". It's perfectly okay to assign a "1" to the uppermost name and increment the integer by "1" for each next rock type. However, note these caveats:

* If you will be comparing models from different projects, you might want to be sure that like rock types in the different Lithology Types Tables are assigned the same G value.

* It can be handy to number adjacent lithologies sequentially because of the way 3D lithology block models are displayed and filtered in RockPlot3D.

* If you include a lithology legend in your diagrams, they can be sorted either alphabetically or by G value. You might keep this in mind as you assign the G values.

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thank you Mitch

for example, if I have 3 rocks type.

I assigned G-value LST=1, SS=2, Sh=3 and then run the lithology model.

And I assigned G-value LST=3, SS=1, Sh=2 the lithology model should be same ?

in my opinion G-value not deal with mass, density right?

But, my model not same.

Why not same? 1,3 assign for LST too

my project first G-value 1,2.....10

post-10061-019027000 1300984115_thumb.jpg

second G-value 10,9......1 at the same rock type

post-10061-067384000 1300984288_thumb.jpg

what should I do?

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The g values are whats stored in the Lithology model. The program then uses that value to look up the appropriate color. If you don't recreate the model after changing the g value the colors won't match.

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