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Replacing node values in a solid model

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A client recently asked our support team if there is a way to replace null values in a solid model with 0's.

Here's one way:

1. Initialize a new solid model with all nodes set to zero, using the same dimensions as in your existing model. (Solid | Initialize)

2. Select the Solid | Filter | Replacement Filter menu option.

a. Set the Host model to the new, all-zero model.

b. Set the Donor model to your existing model.

c. Assign a new name for the output MOD file.

d. Choose Replace Host Voxels with Non-Null Donor Voxels.

When you run this, any non-null voxels in your original model will replace the corresponding zero-value node in the initialized model. Where you did have nulls, you should now have zeroes.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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