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Guest Tofer Lewis

Create .PDF files from LogPlot .LPT files

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: Since LogPlot is not shipped with any PDF-creating tools, you will need to have some kind of PDF writing software installed separately. This could include Acrobat's Distiller software, or other third-party programs.

If you have this software installed, one automation option would be to use LogPlot's Batch Compile command. Assuming the PDF writer software is installed like a printer driver (as is Acrobat Distiller) and that you have that printer selected as default in Logplot (using File > Page + Printer Setup, and have the page size saved in the log design) then you can compile 1 or more data files into the same/different log designs and print to PDF using the Log > Batch Compile command. There should be information in the Help messages about this tool.

Another option, for single files only, is to print to the PDF from the command line compiler, completely outside the program. There's information about running Logplot from the command line in the Reference section of the Help messages.

Your batch might be as simple as this:

DATAFILE=C:\Program files\Project_A\03-05-03.dat

FORMATFILE=c:\Program files\Project_A\MWlog.ldf


This batch would load the data file, compile it into the declared design file, and print it. You would need to declare additional settings (scaling, no headers, etc.) if they aren't currently stored as default in the LogPlot program. To have the batch run and print completely seamlessly and with no keystrokes, you need to be sure that the LogPlot program's introductory screen is not displayed, that the PDF writer is established as the default printer in Windows / Printers (not just in LogPlot itself), and that the PDF writer's page size is stored in the LDF file (so you don't get a page size mismatch warning).

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