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Importing Shapefiles

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I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a few days now..

If i know that there's a sand layer (for example) missing from my data - which i know is there due to my own knowledge - but we dont have borehole data for that area - how can i add this into a model i have already made in rockworks?

I make a shapefile in Arcmap of the area which needs to be sand - but obviously this is only 2D and i can't quite get my head around how to easily do this by hand. I am aware i can edit 3D models but this is in no way precise and is very fiddly! If i have a shapefile of the area - is there anyway to then import it into my 3D lithology model and add a depth to it so it can be displayed in 3D?

Im very confused!

Thank you in advance!


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If you can generate two GRD files - one that represents the upper elevations of the sand lense and one that represents the lower elevations of the sand lense, then you could use the "Solid --> Filter --> Grid filters --> Two Bounding Grids" tool in the Utilities to replace the voxels inside the two surfaces with a value that represents sand.

There are a number of different ways that you could create the surfaces, but it would probably make the most sense to do this through the Utilities.

If you have this type of data (Point with top elevation and thickness of the sand lense), then I can send you some additional information about this.



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Thank you! - ive created 2 grid files from the same polygon (i transformed them both to rasters at different heights and exported them as ASCIIs). When i attempt to filter the model i get an error saying that the 2 grids have to have the same XY co-ordinates!!

The grids must have the same XY dimensions.

Grid #1 Name = Sand_Gulley_Grid_-10.grd

Grid #2 Name = Sand_Gulley_Grid.grd

Grid #1 X Nodes = 264 , Grid #2 X Nodes = 517

Grid #1 Y Nodes = 250 , Grid #2 Y Nodes = 486

Grid #1 X Min = 198,200.883565 , Grid #2 X Min = 198,200.643565

Grid #1 Y Min = 502,757.725095 , Grid #2 Y Min = 502,757.485095

Grid #1 X Spacing = 0.98 , Grid #2 X Spacing = 0.5

Grid #1 Y Spacing = 0.98 , Grid #2 Y Spacing = 0.5

They are only different by less than 1! And i created the grids from the same shapefile so they should be the same - is there any way to edit their XY to make them the same? I cant think of anyway to do this in GIS because im pretty sure that in the GIS both of their XYs are the same because theyre in exactly the same place!!

Thank you!

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hmm.. sadly they ARE different in the GIS (however the values are different to those XY in rockworks puzzlingly enough) but i have no idea why! Is there any way to

manually adjust the XY in rockworks? That might be easier than worring about co-ordinate systems in Arcmap!

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Hi Alice,

You'll also need the same XY grid spacing to produce the same number of grid nodes in the X and Y directions, so you may want to re-grid the data. You can hard code the dimensions in the Project Dimensions tab.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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