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Repeating Descriptions

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I have a problem about log plot, i have thick layer that takes more than one page but in description section i can just write top of the section is there any way to make it repeat at every top of the pages without doing copy enter and paste because it has limit 2000 chars.


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There is no way to automatically repeat a single description at the top of every page that the interval spans. However, in Logplot7, you can add additional descriptions within an interval and not be limited to the 2000 character limit.

1. First, compile the log as you normally do.

2. Advance to the page where you would like to duplicate the descriptive text.

3. Determine the depth where you want the text to start.

4. Return to the data file, and access your lithology data tab.

5. Click in the row below the existing description, right-click, and select Rows | Insert to insert a new row above the current row.

6. Enter that depth (from #3) as the top depth, and leave the base depth blank. (leave the Lithology and Contact cells blank, too.)

7. Enter into the Description cell the descriptive text to be displayed at that depth.

Here's an example:

200 400 SAND This is a really long interval with a lot of descriptive text, blah blah

250 This is text that will plot as a comment within the larger 200 - 400 interval

300 Here is another comment which will plot at 300.

400 550 SHALE Here is the next main lithology interval.

You might refer to the help messages for an example - Help | Contents, click the Index tab, locate "Lithology Description Column" and double-click on it, and choose the topic Lithology Tab.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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