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Paste metafile to Surfer 8

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Hi, I use VBA in Excel but I am new to Surfer. I have a whole lot of surfer plots generated from a set of simulations and I want to put a basemap.jpg under the contours. If I was doing it by hand I would paste_special and then locate and scale the jpg to fit the grid framework. I would also like to automatically turn contour fill off and load my own contour levels. I am sure others must have done this before. Any advice would be welcome.

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Hi clw,

Surfer 8 comes with a number of examples in the Surfer Scripter version of VB, and these can be used in Excel VBA as well as the Surfer Scripter interpreter. To use the enumeration constants built into Surfer, add a reference to the Surfer Type Library in Excel. The Surfer Scripter has this reference included automatically.

To position a JPG file as a base layer, load it as a base map and assign the XY min max coordinates.

The contour map object has the properties for turning the fill on and off and for assigning your custom levels.

Refer to the Surfer Automation topics in the help file for complete documentation.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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