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Comparing data sets in Igpet

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I'm using Igpet and I'm trying to include and compare multiple sets of data on one figure. I tried uploading two .txt files into one diagram but I can't seem to do that. I also tried combining two sets of data in one .txt file and then tried to distinguish the two data sets with different symbols within the figure but I couldn't figure out how to do that either. Could someone give me some direction as to how to show multiple sets of data on one figure? I'm positive it is possible to do this in Igpet as the photos on the website show multiple data series in one figure distinguished by different symbols.

Thank you,

Jessica Wilson

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Igpet has a File Operations menu that allows you to merge files.

First, examine the files you want to merge and decide which file should be the template that the other file or files will be converted to. This could be an existing file that has the most comprehensive data set. It could also be a new file you create with just two lines, the first line is the row of data names and the second line is just a dummy row with nothing in it. Create in Excel and save as tab delimited text (txt).

Second, examine all the first rows of the data files to merge. Make sure your names for the same item are the same. SiO2 is SiO2 is SiO2; Sample = Sample = Sample etc. Do any necessary editing and save the files.

Third, read the primary or template file into Igpet.

Fourth, click File - File Operations and then select - Add a file

Repeat this operation as often as needed and then select - Save file and save the merged file with a NEW NAME.

Now read your new file.

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OK I've done that and it has worked, however, I am looking to distinguish 3 different data sets by having them represented by different symbols in the graph eg circles, squares, colours etc. How do I do that?

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