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Tom Koester

Can you rotate the project dimensions?

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I can't find anything in the RW15 Help menu answering this question. My current project is a relatively small site with 34 borings in an area measuring about 350ft x 500ft. However, due to the placement of a building, the borings are in an approximate 'L-shape' when viewed in planview. Further, the site parcel is not oriented north to south.

Does RW15 have a built-in way of 'rotating' the project dimensions to accommodate sites that are not oriented north-south? If not, is it something that can be built in to the next release?


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Hi Tom,

RockWorks models are required to have south->north and west->east orthogonal orientation, and thus the project dimensions are so defined. You can clip your models to exclude areas outside the boreholes (say, above your rotated "L") by defining a polygon representing the area you're interested in, and applying a polygon filter to the grids and models to assign those outer nodes a null value.

Once you create a map to your satisfaction, you can export the map to a high resolution raster image, then rotate it as you like in a graphic program to get your "L" shape up-down on the output rather than angled.

There are a variety of tools you can use in RockWorks to define the polygon, such as creating a borehole location map, drawing a polygon over the borehole area (Draw | Line Types | Polygon). Then click on the RockPlot Edit arrow, right-click on the polygon and choose Save to Polygon Table. You can then use this table (now part of the project database) to constrain models, clip grids, etc.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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