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QuickSurf 2011 - Installation Problems and Solutions

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Here is a list of almost everything that can go wrong, and how to fix it.

- ARX Load Failed

This error message can be caused by attempting to load QuickSurf 32-bit in the AutoCAD 64-bit, or loading QuickSurf 64-bit in AutoCAD 32-bit.

To resolve the problem, download the other QuickSurf bit version and install that.

- base.dcl Can't find file

This error message can be caused by migrating settings from older versions of AutoCAD.

To resolve the problem, find this file on your hard disk, and add the path to the OPTIONS Support File Search Path dialog. In AutoCAD 2011, the path is C:\Program Files\AutoDesk\AutoCAD 2011\UserDataCache\Support\ . This path will vary with different versions of AutoCAD.

- Unable to load customization file. Error! Perhaps file qs.dcl is missing.

This error message can occur if the older QuickSurf customization file is loaded.

To resolve the problem, type CUILOAD at the AutoCAD command line, select the QUICKSURF item and click the Unload button.

- Access registry error when typing QSCONVERT

QuickSurf and AutoCAD require access to the Windows Registry to unlock QuickSurf.

To resolve the problem, log in to Windows as an Administrator. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, also right-click on AutoCAD and choose the Run As Adminstrator menu option.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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