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Gridding with Triangulation - Use Decluster to Remove Duplicate Points

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In working with a customer's XYZ data consisting of digitized contours imported from a DXF file, I found that the Triangulation gridding method can have problems when there are duplicate data points in the XYZ data file. The problems can manifest as jagged, angular contours with abrupt changes in elevation.

To resolve the problem, turn on the Decluster option on the right side of the Gridding Options dialog box. Decluster removes the effects of duplicate points by using the average value of points in each declustering cell.


Left - original data points color coded by elevation.

Middle - Triangulation without Decluster causes abrupt angular contours.

Right - Triangulation with Decluster resolves the problem and matches the data.


Tom B

RockWare, Inc.

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Hi Tom,

that's useful information here.

interesting is that if I use "EZ-map" the triangulation works fine with the data set.

Only when using "Grid-Based" map, I need to decluster. Does "EZ-map" decluster automatically?



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