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anthropic backfill bottom surface reconstruction

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Dear Sirs,

I would like to reconstruct the anthropic backfill bottom surface in an urban area by using kriging with external drift technique (the external drift is the DTM 20x20m of the area), it is possible by using rockworks?If I will send the data could you help me?

best regards

Giancarlo Ciotoli

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Hi Giancarlo,

The Kriging with External Drift method assumes that the variable that you are interested in has a linear relationship with the trend surface of another variable that is more heavily sampled.

To use this method in RockWorks, calculate a grid of the first variable with the Trend Residuals gridding algorithm, then calculate a grid of the second variable (DTM) using the Trend Polynomial method. Calculate the final grid with the Grid | Math | Grid & Grid menu command.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

<< ref: External Drift Kriging - oilandgastraining.org >>

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