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Water Levels table missing new Aquifer Type column

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The 2010.9.15 release of RockWorks15 supports multiple aquifers, via a new Aquifer Types table. This means that you can enter water levels for more than one aquifer for a single date.

post-3-097328000 1285019825_thumb.jpg

In the Water Levels data table, the Aquifer Type should be entered into the first column, before Date, Depth to Top, and Depth to Base.

We've heard from a couple of users whose existing projects, when opened into the new build, don't display that Aquifer Type column in the Water Levels data table. To solve this, just right-click on the Water Levels button and select Reset Tab Columns.

post-3-000534200 1285020165_thumb.jpg

This should reload the table, with the first data column displayed.

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