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Paul Maconochie

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A useful option in the LogPlot histogram options is the ability to specify a value based colour gradation scheme.

This feature could be enhanced if one could specify specific colours for nominated ranges of values.

As an example Deere (1968) gave a five step classification for RQD values ranging from 0-20% very poor to 90-100% excellent. I will often colour code those classifications in plots that I prepare as single colours viz Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue. At the moment I have to do that outside of LogPlot and my suggestion is to implement it within LogPlot.

You will note that the RQD value range for the very poor classification is 20% and for the excellent classification is 10%. For that reason if this option were implemented the user should be able to specify individual ranges of values and associated colours or RGB value.


Paul Maconochie

GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd

Brisbane, Australia

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