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editing lithology types table

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Is there a way to clear all records in the lithology types table in one step? Or to import lithology types from a .key file with replacing instead of appending the existing table?

As I am trying out different lithology patterns from your download area it would be helpful to be able to start from scratch when importing each new pattern set instead of having them append onto each other.



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Hi Lara,

You cannot delete all of the Lithology Types at the same time, because the types link to the lithology data in the boreholes. When you delete a single lithotype, the program checks to see if it's referenced in the data, and allows you to reassign the entries to a different type, or to delete them entirely. This type of data checking makes it difficult to delete en masse.

However, you can use these suggestions to make the deletions go more quickly:

* Use the Edit | Turn Off Unused Lithology menu option to remove the "Show in Legend" checkmarks for any lithotypes NOT referenced in any of the boreholes. (in other words, a quick visual cue)

* Click in a row to be deleted and type Ctrl+Del (faster than using the right-click menu options)

Other notes:

* When you create a new project in RockWorks, you can specify whether the lithology types table is to be initialized blank or with types from another project.

* When you import a LogPlot KEY file into the Types table, any types that already exist will NOT be overwritten with the corresponding keyword from the LogPlot keyword list. For example, if you already have a lithotype of "Clay", the "Clay" keyword in the KEY file will be skipped.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare, Inc.

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