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Multi-panel cross section traces

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I am having trouble importing txt or tab files to create user-defined multi-panel cross section traces. The goal is to import a list of section panel endpoints (from Excel, converted to ASCII via Wordpad or Notepad). I am trying to import, within the hole-to-hole log section>section selection map interface by importing my own .txt file, but my file XY points will not show up in the list.

Instead, what comes in is the last profile I digitized by hand on the map view -- my .txt will not overwrite these vertices.

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I think that you may have found a bug. I will have to do some more testing on this. In the meantime, here is a workaround.

Rather than import this through the Section Selection Map tab, you can import your TXT file through the Project Manager.

1. In the Project Manager on the left side of the screen, expand the list of "Misc. Project Tables".

2. Right click on "XY Coordinate Table", and choose to create a new table.

3. In the resulting prompt window, assign a name to your new table.

4. In the new window, go to File --> Import and choose your TXT file.

I have been able to import data from a tab delimited TXT file using these steps. Now, when you reopen the Section Selection Map window, go to File --> Import, and your new table should be listed under "Import From a Project" Tables on the right side of the screen.

If this does not work for you, it would be helpful if you could send me your TXT file. You can contact me directly using the information below.



Alison Alcott

RockWare, Inc.

[email protected]

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RESOLUTION OF PROBLEM: Import of .txt file was failing because I had some extraneous points that did NOT correspond to borehole locations. Once I removed these, the txt file imported with no problems into the Section Selection Map window using File --> Import. These extraneous points were section bends that were not located on boreholes -- I want to use these and will try and fool the program by putting these points into my borehole database as dummy wells.

Problem is obvious in hindsight: the XY coordinate file I was using to cut irregularly-shaped sections through solid models cannot be automatically used to "cut" a section through the source borehole data, unless the XY data correspond to boreholes. Duh.

Also of interest, I had some NAD83 NAD27 issues such that even the points that were intended to correspond to borehole locations did not have XY locations that exactly matched well locations in my borehole database. The program handled this discrepancy just fine and assumed I was wanting to snap to a nearby borehole location. So I import locations that are slightly off and the program loads the XY of my boreholes instead.

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