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Load XLS file without Excel using ADO Import

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Hi all,

The Excel import command (File | Import | XLS) in the Borehole Manager runs Excel to read the file. A few customers have asked if it is possible to import Excel files without owning Excel. If the file is an XLS format (not the newer XLSX format), then you can use the ADO import option in RockWorks15 to load the file.

In the Borehole Manager, choose the File | Import | ADO command to display the Import from an ADO Source Wizard dialog. Click on the Select Data Source button to display the ADO Connection dialog, then click on the Choose button to display the Data Link Properties dialog. Choose the Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider on the Provider tab, then click on the Connection tab and enter the XLS file under the prompt to Select or enter a database name. Click on the All tab, double-click on Extended Properties, and enter Excel 8.0. Click OK, OK, OK to return to the Import from an ADO Source Wizard dialog, and click the Next button to view the Select Location Information Table dialog.

Click on the dropdown list button under the Choose the table for Location data prompt, and specify the sheet in the Excel file that contains the location information. In the file RockWorks data import.xls, this is the Location tab, shown as Location$ in this dialog. After selecting this table, a list of column headers is displayed in the Available Fields box on the right. Drag the field names from the Available Fields list to the Field to Import column to the right of the corresponding field in the RockWorks database, here abbreviated as RW Fields. Click the drop-down list under the prompt Primary Key for this table, and choose the field with the borehole name. Click the Import Button to import this table.


Tom B

RockWare, Inc.

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