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I created 3D models of groundwater quality at a site over time. I then used solid/morph to stitch them together to show time-based changes within multiple solid models. What I was wondering is if a timeline of some sort can be added to the video or text display of what model is currently displayed in the video. Thank you for your time.

Thanks, Donovan

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Hi Donovan,

Use the Save AVI button to display the AVI Options dialog, then choose the Create Frames option to export each frame of the morph to a separate bitmap BMP file. Use an external bitmap editor to add the date / time information, then use an external program to combine the edited BMP files into an animated GIF.

Examples of bitmap editors include the Windows Paint program, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

Examples of animated GIF programs include ImageMagick, Advanced GIF Animator, Animation Shop, Gif Construction set, and GifBuilder.


Tom B

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