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Early Termination during solid modeling

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I am creating 3D solid models of groundwater plumes. Often times processing terminates at about 97% while creating well logs. Is this going to affect the accuracy of the solid model? Im sure it explains why sometimes all of my monitor well location text doesn't show up, wondering if I'm missing anything else due to this. More importantly, how do I solve this problem, is it just a matter of a RAM upgrade? Thanks for any suggestions!

-Matt G

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Hi Matt,

The notification of your post got lost in my Inbox, apologies for the delay in replying.

If the program is stalling at 97% and the message indicates it is creating the logs, then I think the issue is creation of one of the log components in the 3D display. Since modeling and diagram creation are separate steps, it shouldn't affect the model. Here are some steps to take to make sure:

1. In I-Data | Model, select the Use Existing Model radio button, and browse for the name of the MOD file you created on the previous run of this option. Turn off the Plot Logs option, and turn off the Reference Cage, so that you can simply display the interpolated model as an isosurface or all-voxel display. Does the model display?

2. If the MOD file displays OK, go back to the settings and turn on Plot Logs. Click on the 3D Striplog Designer tab and be sure the Depths are NOT turned on. (If your logs are deep and the labels tight and you have lots of holes, this can take forever to draw in 3D.) Click the Process button. Does the display stall?

If you are still having problems displaying the logs, it would be helpful to look at your data and settings. Please use the Project | Archive Database to ASCII option, and email me the resulting ZIP file. We can communicate regarding specifics via email.

Note that you can also always run a quick statistics report of the interpolated MOD file: Go to the Project Manager pane along the left edge of the main program window, expand the Solid Models heading, and right-click on the MOD file name. Choose View Solid Model Statistics and you'll see a summary report. There are other "stats" tools in the Utilities portion of the program, under the Solid | Stats menu.



[email protected]

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