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Printer for LogPlots


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The problem we face with finding printers compatible with LogPlot's Continuous mode is that the manufacturers are constantly discontinuing old models and introducing new models so any recommendations become out of date fairly quickly.

Believe it or not there's a pretty big selection of dot matrix printers with tractor feed still available. These have the advantage of low operating cost and continuous output. Unfortunately output quality won't be great and the are noisy, however the 24 pin printers are listed at 360dpi.

For inkjet printers look for a model that supports banner printing. Unfortunately this isn't considered an important feature so its hard to search on. I did a search at NewEgg and they came up with a pretty extensive list of Lexmark printers though I'm pretty sure that some HP, Epson, Canon and others have this feature as well. The cons to inkjet printers are the expense of the ink and the difficulty finding continuous paper without tractor feed sprockets. Of course you can rip the sprockets off the continuous paper that's readily available but it's a time consuming task for very long logs. I also have been suspicious of the friction feed used by these printers though we have customers who've had good luck with them.

The last and most expensive option is an inkjet plotter (e.g. HP Designjet). Look for a model with a roll feed and custom page sizes. The problem with using a plotter, besides the expense and size, is that you need to specify your page size before compiling and plotting. There also may be a limit on length. The last time I looked HP Designjet's could specify a page up to 120" long.

Of course you could always go back to your Leroy set...


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