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Importing jpegs into Logplot

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to bring in a jpeg into Logplot, so far all I have been able to do is bring in bitmaps, and I can not find any information on how to bring in different types of rasters.

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Guest Dan


It will be helpful to know what version of LogPlot you are using and whether you are having difficulty importing jpegs to the body or header/footer portion of the logs. We were able to import jpegs to the log body with LogPlot7. Please email me directly with your LogPlot version and area of the log where you would like to plot the jpeg.

Thank you,


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Hi Marion,

You can display raster images (JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.) in the body of your log by first inserting a Bitmap Column into the log's design, at the location where you want the image(s) to be displayed. Then use a Bitmap data tab, assigned the same Name as the Bitmap column, to specify the image(s) to be displayed in that column, for that well. This can be used for scanned historic logs, core photographs, etc.

LogPlot has an interactive depth-registration tool that makes this easy (the help file is out of date):

1. Double-click in the right-hand "Bitmap" column of the Bitmap data tab.

2. Browse for the name of the raster image, of the file types listed, that you wish to display, and click the Open button.

3. The program will prompt you to click a location at the top of the image for which the depth is known; do this.

4. Now you'll be prompted to enter the depth represented at that image location. Enter this and click OK.

5. Click, as prompted, on the point in the lower part of the image for which a depth is known.

6. Enter the depth represented at that image location and click OK.

7. You'll be returned to the datasheet, with the depths and pixel locations entered. You can repeat the process if you have additional images for different depths.

Note that you can request that the image be imbedded into the log LPT file when compiled, or simply linked to it. (This is established in the log design in the Bitmap Column Setup window.) I generally recommend embedding the image so that when you open it at a later date you won't run the risk of losing the connection to the image.

If you have questions about your specific log and image, please email your log design (LDFX), data file (DAT), and image file to me so that I can offer recommendations.

Molly Mayfield

[email protected]

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