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"Out of Resources" error message

Guest Tofer Lewis

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Guest Tofer Lewis

This is common with Windows 9x - 95 or 98 and sometimes with NT/2000 when the image is very large.

1. Try reducing the resolution of the image. Many of these images were created for use in company logo's on letterheads and other printing applications and are generally much larger than needed for computer use. Keep in mind that the printer resolution is usually no greater than 600 dpi and that an image of 300 dpi will usually have acceptable quality.

2. You can also reduce the size by reducing the color depth. At 32 bits per pixel, an image is 8 times larger than a 16 color image. Avoid the 256 color mode, since this requires the use of palettes and may show undesirable side effects.

3. Make sure that you have the latest video card driver for your computer.

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I have been encountering this error every time I add a picture to my logs. It doesn't seem to matter what computer I use or how big the pictures are. The most recent attempt was done on a brand new custom computer with windows 7 pro, a 512 mb vid card, all pictures re-sized to the smallest we could make them while still maintaining image quality. This attempt failed. It allowed me to compile the log but every page that had a picture would produce an error. With the error present, I was unable to print the log as a multi sheet log. I am not sure what to do at this point.

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