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Updating data template from log design

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So I'm revising all the companies data templates after discovering that one Multi-Curve data tab can replace the numerous individual Curve data tabs in the data template. At the moment, every time we open a new data template, we delete all the Curve data tabs and replace them with one Multi-Curve data tab which makes data transfer a single action...but we have to delete the individual tabs every time or the LAS export gets goofy.

So the reason why we currently have to delete these data tabs every time is because the log design does not remember the new data template format. I don't want to have to rebuild the log designs (at least 6) because none of the data parameters have changed, but I would like the data template to open with only the Multi-Curve data tab.

How do I get the old log design to recognize the new data template format?

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Unfortunately there isn't anyway to do this. The program doesn't know how you want to group the curves so it defaults to single curve pages. What I'd suggest is building the template data file the way you want and store it in the project folder. Users can then start with that file and save it with a different name. You may want to mark it as Read Only so it doesn't accidentally get overwritten.


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