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resistivity modelling used RW

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Hi dwip,

I am not familiar with the RES2DINV program, but if you can export ASCII or Excel files with XYZG information, then you can use RockWorks to create a 3D model. In this context, XYZ refers to the X, Y, and Z values for the location of each reading, and G refers to the dependent variable, i.e. resistivity.

RES2DINV apparently has the ability to export data in the Surfer DAT format. It looks like two files are exported, one for the location data to plot a plan map, and one for the profile. You may be able to combine these files into a single XYZG file for use in RockWorks.


Tom B

<< ref: http://www.geoelectrical.com/r2dimanu.zip >>

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