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Well data import from 3D dwg/dxf

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Is there a way to import well bores from a 3D dwg/dxf? I can extract collar location; however, I do not have a survey/orientation file as those data are only recorded in the 3D points defining the deviated bores in Autocad.

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Hi 'iwarren',

You may be able to use the RockWorks Utilities File | Import | DXF | DXF->Datasheet to extract the XYZ coordinates of the 3D polyline from an AutoCAD DXF file, then use Excel to calculate Measured Depth, Azimuth, and Inclination for the RockWorks Borehole Manager Orientation tab.

I have attached a rudimentary Excel spreadsheet that converts the XYZ data. This spreadsheet probably does not have enough precision to perfectly convert the values, but it may be close enough for visualization.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

<< ref: Xyz2MdAzIncl.zip >>


Compare 3D points (red) with well bore (black)

plotted from orientation data calculated in Excel.


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